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Nutritious fast food for people of the world 

Take a nutritionist from Poland (the original home of bagels) and a chef from Melbourne, who met in Greece. Add mentors and a Jewish recipe from New York (where else?) and bring them all together in Brisbane’s vibrant West End. The result? A Queensland bagel that’s hand-rolled, softer and quite possibly the best bagel you’ve ever tasted! 

Okay. The story’s a little more complicated than that. There was quite a lot of experimentation to adapt the bagel recipe to Queensland’s climate. Like all the best things, it took time. Our bagel entrepreneurs started with a market stall and got to know what the locals liked before they unleashed their super bagel on the world. 

Each batch of bagels takes time too. The secret culture, which is passed from one generation of bagels to the next, just won’t be rushed and gives the dough the perfect rise. Loving hands roll and shape each bagel – that’s a bagel with personality! Then the bagel is both boiled and baked so the inner and outer are perfect. The whole process takes 72 hours. Slow for our artisan bakers but real, nutritious fast-food for you. 

We say the secret is in the culture. Both the dough culture and the many cultures that have contributed their inspiration to these wonderful rings of deliciousness. We could even say it’s the fast food for today’s people of the world! 

And as you would expect from people with a world-view, we care that our packaging is recyclable and that we’re giving some love to the environment. 

New York’s best bagel made in Australia? Sounds odd, right? But we’re not afraid of ‘different’ and sometimes mixing things up creates a whole new wonderful!

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