NYC Bagel Deli was founded in 2014, trading at select markets in Brisbane, and operating from the Wandering Cooks in West End.

On opening our first small cafe on Vulture street West End, we knew that the best bagels need the best speciality coffee, and so we sourced our favourite, locally roasted, delicious Padre coffee.

6 months later we outgrew the cafe and moved 20 metres down the road into The Glass Factory, where we currently reside.

To take our business to the next level we started producing our own bagels. Our mentor is a 5th generation Jewish baker from New York who taught us a traditional recipe, as well as letting us in on the secret ingredient.

As our bagels became more and more popular we expanded, and we currently have a bagel bakery/cafe in West End and a cafe in Westfield Chermside.


You can pay a visit to our bakery and experience the traditional process of hand rolling, boiling and baking.

Founded by a nutritionist and a chef, NYC Bagel Deli is all about providing great tasting, fresh and high quality food, affordable for everyone.